Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm not dead....yet

Been a little quiet on the blog front. My apologies. Nothing very exciting to report. I have been planning a mutants and masterminds game

See my musing about that here: academy adventures

In baby news....
Will suddenly has a mouth full of teeth! He's been a bit fussy lately, and seems interested in eating larger bits... so I guess it shouldn't be a total surprise.

For those who haven't intuited it as well. Will is also walking/hurling himself at things. Reminds me of the Laurie Anderson song lyrics "walking is just falling forward and then catching yourself." Will has half of that down great.

Sophie is getting very adventurous. She plays this game where she kneels on an ottoman or couch (she knows well enough standing is a no no). Then she sort of hops over to a couch or the ottoman (depending on her starting point). She laughs and yells "whoa, close one!" or "Careful1!" Of course, if she falls off, she laughs even more. I predict serious injuries in the future. :)

Her speech is getting more and more clear. The best part are her little idiosyncrises.
-Add "Are" to the ends of location phrases "Where daddy are?", "Here is Lovey Gray Are!"
-Pluralize everyone's name "Wills" "Mommies" "Daddies"
-Using idioms whenever possible "Here you go?" "How about this?" "Bye bye, see ya soon!"

Daddy (me) has broken out the tool kit.
Replaced the garbage disposal, and replaced two light switches (with Dimmers!)


At 12:36 AM, Blogger jeff said...

you have a gaming blog.

I am in love with you.


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