Monday, January 02, 2006

War on Christmas

Okay, not really. But here is the winter recap.

We travelled out to California. As usual, it was a long and painful trip. The kids were great, but being poked in the side by a car seat for six hours gets old.
There was no snow, it rained to the point of a few Shining moments but otherwise it was pretty fun.

Towards the end we were erady to leave, that was made slightly more difficult by Sophie locking herself in my parent's bedroom. No key... so there was some panic. But my dad smashed his way in (okay, he popped off the siding and used a credit card, but still).

The kids were truly fun and really seemed to enjoy all of the Xmasy fun, the tree, the promise of carrot eating reindeer and a cookie eating present leaving Santa. Sophie in particular was super fun. Her imitations of my Mom (Gaarry Honey, Garry Honey) or her cousin Sadie (Oh-Kay) were inspired. Will started signing with apparant understanding. He had done the "more" sign before, but only at meal time, so he might have thought it meant "food", but once I was changing him, and took some time out for some baby belly raspberries, and he giggled and laughed and signed "more more" it was damn cute.

Here are a couple shots for posterity.


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Benny Boy said...

Ah, but how long was Sophie locked in that room? Long enough to change into her superhero costume, slip out a window, save a foundering luxury liner caught on stormy seas, and then flit back just in time to change back into her secret ID?

I think the facts speak for themselves.


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