Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Tomorrow is allegedly the first day of classes. It is the same old routine.
1. The students are for some reason not registered.
2. The classrooms are for some reason not assigned.
3. The new computer system.... wait for it...... doens't work.

If I could have a well equiped (both technologically and know how) support staff, the low pay, condescending adminstration, and ill prepared students would be no problem. It would be a great pleasure.

Every semester the same thing.
Every fucking semester. Wouldn't they figure this out sometime?

Have these been tried?
1.(a) Allot more time for registration. I would say a week. Allow registration to take place online throughout the months leading up to the new semester.
(b) Decide a system for dealing with students will financial aid problems. Either decide to let them register, and deal with the money separately, or not. But decide once and for all, and stick with it.
2. Make a list of all the classrooms. Put little boxes with time-slots next to them.
As rooms are assigned, check off the time slots. Repeat until all classes have rooms.
3. Do a test run before you have 1200 students trying to register for classes.

This is not fucking rocket science!
This entire school ought be able to be run on a couple of boxes of index cards... why they can't do these really easy things I just don't know. Maybe there is some really good reason for it.


At 11:44 PM, Blogger Gennifer Seeman said...

Chris feels your pain.



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