Thursday, January 04, 2007

Inauspicious Beginnings

Happy New Years!
Here is how mine started. Went to sleep at a reasonable hour the previous night, well before midnight, and woke once with a stomach ache. The next morning, News Years Day I had a strange burning sensation while relieving myself. That, and I never felt quite finished. Throughout the day, this got worse and worse. More visits, more pain. Then blood.
Now, for some of you, a little blood in the urine is no big deal. But, for me, that was a sign something was really not right. Of course, by now it is late afternoon NEW YEARS DAY, which means, doctor's office is closed. So I call the service. Get the on call doctor, who confirmed my suspicions that it sounded like a kidney stone. He prescribed some pain killers and recommended I visit the hospital if I got a fever and/or chills. I hang out for a bit then call the pharmacy to see if my prescription is ready. Voicemail labyrinth, cycling bad music. After twenty minutes or so, I give and decide to just go. So I go to the pharmacy. Oops I forgot, it is NEW YEARS DAY. The pharmacy closed early, fifteen minutes before I arrived. (Do the math). Hulk getting angry.
So I end up calling the service back, the doctor returns my call. I explain the situation. He agrees to call a 24hr pharmacy (I know is open). I wait half an hour and head over.
They did not get the call. Ask again. Oh they got the call, but the doctor left out one small detail, the number of pills, and they can't fulfill even a single pill with out that (I did try to explain that one pill would seem to be implied by some pills, and that perhaps they could give me ONE pill to tide me over). Did I mention the pain was increasing? And I was starting to feel chills. After nearly two hours I went home in frustration. My temperature was crossing 100. But I really wanted to avoid going to the Emergency Room on New Years Day to wait four hours, be given some pain killers and an anti-biotic. So I waited. Carly got nervous and called the service again, and with her persuasive powers seemed to get everything on track, she went and got the pills. (It still took them over an hour). By then my fever was 102 (don't tell anyone).
I was bundled up. I took my pill and went to sleep. I woke up twice during the night and some unpleasantness in the bathroom, but managed to make it. By morning my fever had broken and I was able to fuss around the house while arranging a doctor's appointment.
On the Plus Side. I got to skip Faculty Development Institute!
Yesterday I went to the Doctor. He seemed pretty convinced it was Kidney Stones, I got two more prescriptions, and a filter to catch the suckers as they 'pass.' So far I haven't caught any. But it makes peeing so much fun. That and the bizarre hyper yellow my urine has gotten since I've taken my meds. The pain is mostly gone. I can't tell about the blood since my urine is practical opaque presently. I am feeling mostly better. Still, I don't know if that is the painkillers (2) working or that somehow the stones have moved or passed without my knowledge. There will be some more lab work done in the near future. Hopefully, I will have something more tangible, like a stone, I can bring, to avoid a CT Scan and sonic disrupters aimed at my privates.


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Ouch! My sympathies.


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