Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow Day

What passes for a snow day in Raleigh you ask?
About an inch, sticking mostly to the grass and tops of cars. And technically it wasn't a full snow day, just a two hour delay. But since my only class on Thursday is at 9:30am, a two hour delay means no class for me.
The schools website, the links to the news sites, and the schools weather phone service all said classes would meet as normal. I went to school only to find out from the security guard about the two hour delay. Thankfully I live about 10 minutes away. I have friends who live an hour or more away.
So We took the kids out and melted all the snow on our front yard by spinning them around on an inflatable inner tube sled (bought well before the inconvenient truth of our warm winter was apparent). They had a good time. We ended up at a not very crowded mall playground, had some lunch, played a board game, in general had a really day off.
I eventually did get this email. Notice the timestamps.

To be fair, the wording does use the past tense, as if, of course you would all know this due to the vast number of forms of communication we made available to you.


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