Thursday, November 01, 2007

Invisible Man

So today I dragged myself to school. The kids, in post Halloween bliss, were up and bouncing around from 3am to 4am. So I basically got no sleep last night. Huzzah.

Then after churning out a detailed 2 page instruction sheet for PART 2, of the staged final project, with examples, and hints. ZERO students show up to my first class. There are only 5 students in the class, but ZERO? Zed, Nil, null, nada, nichyvo? Come on.

So I wait 15 minutes (after filling a chalk board with my insightful analysis of comparing retributive to consequentialist punishment and then erasing it) I went back to my office. I waited around until my 11 am department meeting. My department head was also a no show.

He at least had a reasonable excuse.



At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh man,

the students in my stats course are right now slogging their ways through the nastiest bit of homework for the semester (the dreaded Linear Regression chapter), and, like, none of them showed to the problem session.

curse them!



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