Sunday, July 27, 2008

Note to self.. Blog about the Museum Penis(es)

Carly thought this would be a good title, since I wrote it on the fridge. In my autumn years I frequently forget the things my kids say.
I took Sophie to the NC Museum of Art (our great local state art museum) while Will was at school camp (a week long summer program at his school). She is just old enough to take, and it was great. We sat down in front of a couple portraits with a box of crayons and her notebook, and we both had a good time.
One area she was particularly interested in was the small Antiquities section which included several ancient Greek statues. As commonly happens many of the statues were missing arms, one as missing a head, and several of the male sculptures were missing their members.
Sophie was intrigued by this.
"What happened to his penis?"
"Someone knocked it off, or it broke somehow."
She needed to be reassured about this more than once. The missing arms and heads seemed quite natural, but the missing penises (peni?) was perplexing. But eventually, she drifted to other topics.
[I'll see about getting some of her art up on the site]
We had a good time,good father-daughter bonding.
Good stuff.

Well for the last few days, Sophie has found multiple opportunities to explain this phenomenon. "Will... in the museum people chop off the boys' penises!"

No mention of the extensive collection of African Tribal Headdresses.


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Sue said...

What is she, 4? That's about the right age for a fascination with...cough....private parts.

Don't be surprised if she brings this one to school / child care / friends ...etc. My daughter once informed her Sunday School teacher and all her classmates several times, "Boys have penises!"


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