Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In other news...

Sometime between getting the newspaper and mowing the lawn this morning, the little rabbit that lives near our house got hit in the street right in front of our house. Not wanted the kids to see its torn up body, or having dogs and other scavengers picking at it, I got the shovel and scooped it into a bag (triple bagged that bunny). It is now in the freezer in the garage awaiting tomorrows trash pickup.
It was unpleasantly fresh and bloody. But, it is done.

An hour or so later the kids were doing a craft and I noticed some movement outside. A half dozen buzzards came a calling. They were flopping around in the street, our yard, the neighbor's roof looking for the road kill. Sadly for them, there were only a few bits in the road. They sniffed and scratched around for a half hour or so, then took off. They are pretty interesting and BIG birds t o have cavorting on your lawn. The kids, especially scary-cat Will really wanted to go out and play with them. We resisted.


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