Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Medicine and Martians

Okay these two topics have nothing in common except that they both happened today.
Evidence of standing water on Mars! Pretty cool. The announcement from NASA was exciting for me because they had an awful lot of information. It sounds like Mars used to be quite nice.
I have such hopes for the space program. But, it is not without some ambivalence. Of course there is the old saw that the billions we spend there could be spent feeding and clothing people here. I am not super immpressed with that argument. We coudl shave a lot more off of defense and other programs and do alot better. Not to mention if corporations and rich people just paid their taxes we would see a real windfall, if we could keep them in the country.
That said, there is something vey cool about exploring worlds, about solving hard problems with few resources. I find that very impressive. I sometimes wish I were in a more colaborative field like that where people get together to solve problems. In my line of work I am alone most of time in my research. That is a pain. No one to get excited by an idea, no one to point out that missed problem. It makes it vey challenging to keep at it. I hold no grudges, I am just excited and a little jealous of the rocket scientists.

Now for something completely different.

So, out of the blue I get this really bad case of heartburn. I can't explain it. It really hurts. I've had it for 3 days now. Amazingly I was able to get an appointment with my doctor today. I am used to longer lines and delays for such things. I am not sure that isa good sign about the competence of my doctor but I will leave that for the moment.

I am going to take some super antacids and see how that works. Meanwhile I got a bloodtest fo H Pilori to see if I have an ulcer. Hopefully that isn't the case, but even that would not be too bad. Dr. G gave me a small lists of "could also be, but probably isn't so don't worries..." including gall baldder disease, heart disease, of stomach cancer. I am doing my best not to worry. But, I have a friend who had similar symptoms and was diagnosed with Krohn's disease. That would royally suck. So lets keep those cyber fingers crossed. I know it is hard to type that way, but if you balance correctly you can use the mouse with your feet, trust me I know.

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