Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Permanence and Impermanence

According to Michael, the spine and muscle of LIS, I am getting my official permanent office next week. I will be in the Boyer Building second floor. I like the idea of my own office. I will miss my current one, I've grown accustomed to it. But I will like having a whole office, with my books, and my stuff, and no one else's. I hope to get a mini-fridge, a microwave, maybe an old couch. I am not thrilled about the second floor. It reminds me of the sub-basement of the physics building at Reed. The halls are filled with file cabinets and hand drwn posters. It is a little chaotic. But it could be cool. I had this wierd idea of all the education majors grouped around my office some time I bring Sophie to work. That would be pretty cool.

Tomorrow we go sign our wills. It is so wierd doing stuff like that. Life insurance, Wills... they are so grave. Sure they are important. Deciding where our Kids would live, who would make decisions for us if we were both put into a coma, etc.. Strange stuff. I am glad to get it over with. And to be honest I am glad to have a lawyer. I am not a particularly litigious man. But after the car crash fiasco and the inhumane treatment I got from Allstate. I would like a comfortable path to some backup if necessary.


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