Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fuzzy, Groggy, Deaf

Carly took m to the THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS concert last night for a birthday present.
Happy Birthday to me.
It was at a small venue. And very VERY LOUD!! As usual they were great. The sound system was not, but it was still quite enjoyable. TMBG is one of those great live bands. They did two encores, the second of which included a long sing-a-long and their patented "What's on the FM radio dial?" where they get an actual FM radio and run from top to bottom stopping at various channels and playing along with whatever is on. They opted not to play the mariachi song (oh well), but they played a jazzy-blues number, two country tunes, and the AM rock staple "I can see clearly now".(That says something about the sad state of Raleigh Radio) That was pretty cool.
They did not play their best live sound, IMHO, "The Sun" :(
They played the rarely heard, and my favorite, "New York City" :)

My ears are still ringing, and I wouldn't say I am wide awake. But I am glad we went.

Carly made me a birthday breakfast burrito this morning! Yeah!


At 7:39 PM, Blogger jeff said...

what a great birthday present--you should marry that woman. What? Oh. Well, congradulations, too.

Happy Birthday Steve.

The first and only time I saw TMBG I didn't even know who they were. Charlie took me to the concert. The boys came out onto the stage with an accordion and a guitar, and the only other thing on the stage was a little metronome. They weren't really loud that time, as I recall...maybe they can't hear themselves now that they're getting older.


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