Saturday, September 11, 2004

Office Update

I've now gone through the closet and thrown most of it away. My theory, if I haven't taken stuff out since we've been here (3 years) I probably won't do it ever. A kept a few things. I trashed my large collection of KODTs and threw away all of my old D&D notes and dungeons. Most of that stuff is on disk, so no real loss there.
I still need to get some little baskets for the case we have, and maybe a paper organizer for the closet. But apart from that it is pretty much all done. It is amazing how much space is in here.
Once baby X is born, and we move her crib into the baby room, we will probably be moving some of the furniture from in there, in here. So that should begin to make the room seem full. I am contemplating gaming in here on a occasion. I will have to see what it would look like with a table and chairs. I think it could work. But I am not sure. As it stands Colin is pretty allergic to cats, so we probably won't play in here for a bit.
I am tired...It is a lot of work. It is really incredible how stuff expands when you pull it out of its place. This room did not seem full of stuff (other than the big desk). But once the desk was out, and I started moving stuff out of its place, the room seemed to fill up with junk. Sadly much of the junk is stuff we need.

Oh.. I got $67.77 for used books at Edward McKay's! And these are books I am preety sure I never read, nor will I ever. Sweet!


At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Threw away all your old D&D notes and dungeons? Are you mad?

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no worries (at least for mousers)... i just found a buncha my old malaan player notes... need a back of the keep of the four estates? no problem! want the riddle posed to tiamat by the githyanki? (and the mouser's solution?) give me a ring!

yep. and anything i don't have i'll just remember for ya...


At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay that was me (Ben) who ranted about throwing your D&D notes away. I now renew my rant. You don't seriously mean handwritten notes, graph paper maps, etc? If you just mean print-outs of stuff you had on disk, then all is forgiven. Otherwise, INTERVENTION!


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