Friday, July 02, 2004

Safer World

Okay... so A justification of the Iraqi war is that with a "democratic: Iraq the world will be a safer place.
I assume that the apologists for Cheney and co will vigorously defend this idea.
So to all people who support this war and this administration I ask this simple question

Now that Iraq is free, should we allow regular travel and immigration for Iraqis to the US?
What if we did not allow former Bathists?
What if we made them undergo some additional security check?

When do you think this will happen?

My answer is probably never. They know that they have created a state filled with people who hate us, so anyone from Iraq now is probably 'a suspected terrorist'. They reopened the Iraqi embassy in Washington DC. I wonder how many VISAs they process each month, or plan to.

If Iraq is now free, if the vast majority of them love America, why should they be restricted from coming here...any more than say the French ( I mean Libertines...)


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