Saturday, June 26, 2004


In this administration? Naw. That would be unpatriotic.

"WASHINGTON — President Bush condemned the beheading of a South Korean hostage as "barbaric" Tuesday and said he remained confident that South Korea would go ahead with plans to send thousands of troops to Iraq.
"The free world cannot be intimidated by the brutal actions of these barbaric people," the president said"
NewsMax 6/23

"RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA -- The Saudi government beheaded 52 men and one woman last year for crimes including murder, homosexuality, armed robbery and drug trafficking. But Saudis say that while Islam condones the punishment in one context, it condemns militants who decapitated hostages here and in Iraq."
News&Observ or 6/26

What can I say about this?
Mr. President. I agree with you beheadnings of any kind (except the ritual Barbie kind) are barbaric. Let us send a strong message to these brutal people. Tell your buddies in the house of Saud that we will not tolerate this.

I eagerly await being told to "fuck off" or "go fuck myself" by Mr. Cheney.CNN


At 6:30 PM, Blogger jeff said...

I wonder if there are any other acts of hypocisy from this administration. I may just start diffing around for some.


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