Monday, March 07, 2005

Baby Updates

It has been awhile so I thought I would make an update.
William and I shared some binding time this weekend. Carly took Sophie on a couple of visits and I got to stay home with the little one.
Normally, a one month old is only so much fun. I think Phil mentioned pooping, crying, and sleeping being pretty much the life of a new born. And that is basically correct.
But yesterday as we just hung out, Will lay there staring into my eyes. He really seemed interested in me. His expression had that "who is this strange man?" look. It was fun changing my expression and watching his reactions. After a little while he started smiling. I am not entirely sure whether they were "social smiles" the term pediatricians use for smiles ellicited by social interaction (rather than farting for example).
He is still not sleeping well. Or rather, we are not sleeping well since he tends to be up every hour or so. Last night was particular tough, it seemed like he didn't sleep more than a half hour at a time. Tempers are running a little thin around here, but we are managing. It helps to know that it will end.
Sophie is just getting cuter and cuter. And she is getting more communicative. Last week I swear, she ran out in to the family room after a nap, saw the cat and yelled "Chicken!" He hasn't reproduced this. But she is saying Mommy quite a bit now as well as "bubbles". She knows a number of signs (Daddy, Mommy, Kitty, Bean, Finished, Milk, Orange, Bath are among her favorites). She is definitely beginning to understand cause and effect, especially with buttons (TV, Phone, Toys). That has plusses and minuses. She is also starting to do surprising things like make her stuffed animals dance and play. She "feeds" her animals and dolls with a little bottle. She is very affectionate with Will and the rest of us. Hugs and kisses are part of the normal routine.
Everyone loves babies, so it wasn't too surprising to get oohs and aahs when we go out. What is great for the egos is when we go to places where everyone has kids (like the mall palyground) and people still seem entranced by her. Pretty heady stuff.
now if we could get some sleeep all would be well in the world.

UPDATE: William had a good night last night. He slept for two hours in a row, then three!


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