Monday, August 28, 2006


Okay, where have we heard that before?
Well, to prematurely celebrate our success we had a pretty good night, foodwise, with Will tonight. As usual, Carly and I were finished with out dinners and both kids had hardly eaten everything. Sophie is better at lunch and breakfast, so we don't fuss too much about her. Will hadn't touched his food.
So, I turn to Sophie, "hey do you think you could show Will how you use your fork?" Sophie is usually suspicious of questions phrased that way, but tonight she was, as Ben would day, a game fish. She stabbed a piece of macaroni and cheese with peas. As she stuck it into her mouth Carly and I applauded. She was thrilled, Will was excited, he likes to clap, alot.
So she repeats the performance, and we applaud again. This time Will joins in.
After a couple more Sophie bites, Will was ready to be on the receiving end of some of that applause. He snuck a bite in. Sophie was the most enthusiastic with her applause, laughing and cheering. this continued for several minutes. And Will ate most of his dinner, and some dessert! Huzzah!
Will this work again? Who knows. But hey, I feel like W in the flight suit, codpiece and all.


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