Friday, September 01, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

Last night after putting the kids to bed Carly and I watched four or five episodes (Damn you TIVO!) of Who wants to be a Superhero. The "Reality" show on SciFi. It was actually pretty compelling TV. The cool part was that despite the standard obstacle courses, and confessionals standard to these sorts of shows, the real tests were tests of character. Typically reality shows reward the bad character traits, or at least the dubious ones (sneakiness, etc..) In theory, at least, Stan Lee was watching the behavior of the people, checking to see that they were follwoing the law, setting good examples, showing courage and fortitude. In general, a more rewarding experience than I thought it would be.
The best part is that there is virtually no mention of the super powers, and Lee has been quick to punish people who let slip their ulterior motives.*
We will probably watch the last few this weekend. We are both hoping for FAT MOMMA to win.


1. Lee kicked out one guy at the beginning of the episode for admitting on a hidden camera that he planned to make his own action figures based on his character depending on his marketing.
2. He kicked out another person recently after she admitted to lying about her job, she claimed to be in Real Estate, when in fact she was an Actress trying to get exposure.
It is a silly game show, but the idea that to win you have to be sincere (or fake it well) is pretty cool.


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Gennifer Seeman said...

I really liked the show as well. Saw the end but won't tell you what happened. I'd be a goner if not for Tivo. Enjoy the rest of it - it gets better when the supervillian arrives.



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