Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tea Time Commiserations

I came home early today (had to miss that Division Meeting though, darn) so that Carly could get her Driver's Licensed renewed. Will was napping, so Sophie and I had some time to spend alone together. A while back someone, gave her a cute little china tea set. And whenever she sees it, she wants to play with it. Usually Will is around, and the foreseen smashing of china has caused us to divert to another activity. I always promise, next time you and I are alone we will do it.
So, today, as we pondered what to do I made the suggestion.
It was grand.
We chatted about her music lesson, the passing cars, and such.
In the spirit of sharing, I volunteered that work had been hard today (my Religion students haven't cracked the text yet, and we are in our fourth week!). Sophie nodded with a knowing look. Then she added "sometimes it is hard to make a poopy."
Indeed it is.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger jeff said...

Your kid is wise already.


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