Saturday, October 28, 2006

Scary Stuff

Tonight we took the kids to Trunk'r Treat, a parking lot, trick or treating event at the YMCA. Sophie went as a fancy dancing lady bug (with outrageous tu tu), will as a regular bug (a super cute bug of course). He dances too, but not when burdened by the candy bucket, extra warm clothing, and fear, plenty of fear.

There were your usual scary things, princesses and future IED-victims, as well as an inordinate number of star wars characters. The really fat Darth Vader was my favorite, Vader the Hutt. Which of these scared little Will to the point of honest to goodness tears? The baby (infant) in a lion costume (super cute).

Will was happy to recount his brush with death on the way home from the evening's event, alternating between big BIG lion, and tiny tiny lion. I am looking forward to lion related nightmares tonight. Baby lion nightmares.

Both Sophie and Will love to dance. For Sophie it is definitely a chance to dress up and try her latest moves. Often very modern. Will too, likes the dress up part, mostly in Sophie's old tutus and leotards (or lilly-tards as they are called). The other night Will dug into the dress up bx and pulled out what resembled a backless evening gown. Very fetching. He still has the body to pull it off, so we didn't begrudge him the chance.

We've all been fighting a nasty cough and sinus thing. I've had it all week, Carly just got hit hard with it today. There really ought to be a service when both parents get sick and the kids want to run around and play, or reread every book in their library.

On the tail end of an episode of Curious George we watched today (we are sick, some TV is okay) there was a message urging parents to read at least 15 minutes a day to their kids. Man, if we get a 15 minute break from reading to our kids, that would be unusual. The PSA didn't include a maximum amount. We did try to get Sophie to "read" (recount) one or two books to Will. The results are always pretty funny.


At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Benny Boy said...

I'm going to take a guess that the lion costume was the kind where you have a lion hat/cowl with eyes on top but the kid's face is uncovered. Because if that was the case Will is smarter than you realize -- he was seeing another small child, stuffed in a lion's mouth! And still alive! The horror! The horror!


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