Monday, January 22, 2007

Sophie's Fascinating Story

I will do my best to explain this. But in reality this post will merely serve to remind Carly and I of it, because it is really hard to explain.
Every now and then Sophie gets loquacious and really animated in describing something. And by something, I don't means just anything. There is ONE particular thing or event (we are not sure) that she is conveying. She gets a very excited look on her face and begins to gesticulate wildly.
"One time..." it frequently begins.
There are usually several unintellegeble phrases, many in the first person, some in the 3rd person. "I was.. It was, She was.."
It seems most times that she is reflecting on an experience swimming. The monologue gets more and more animated. Her voice gets louder, her her smile widens, and her tempo increases. Towards the end her hands are waving madly in the air, she seems surprised and in wonder about the sheer magnitude of the event (whatever it is). Then it usully culminates with -
"And then it hit me in the eyes!"

Even though it is mostly incoherent, it seems very consistent. She clearly has something very specific in mind when she starts this, and it seems to follow roughly the same pattern. But whatever it is, we have no clue.


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