Thursday, March 18, 2004

Sleep and Other Fun

So we are trying a new technique with little Sophie. We have moved her to her room for the night. So far our experience has been mixed. We had one night of full sleep, 10-7. That was awesome. It is amazing what it is like to sleep through the night when you haven't done so in months. It is truly a wonderful thing. The other nights have been less successful, but still on whole probably better than when she was sleeping in our room. It may seem callous, but it is a lot easier to ignore a crying baby when she is on the other side of the house behind two closed doors, than when she is lying next to you.I think this will work out for us.

I had a great experience the other day. She was lying down on her play mat batting at her toys and pulled the string on a little toy elephant that then vibrates. Normally she seems mildly surprised by this, but the last time she started giggling. As I continued the giggles turned to out loud laughter. It is hard to explain the joy that such a little thing can bring. Her laughter is like a powerful drug, I would do just about anything to hear it again. She is a pretty happy baby so it is not so unusual, but the all out giggle-fits are not a regular occurance. It was the best thing ever. Who knows maybe tonight?

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