Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Perils of Clifford the scary, vengeful, sado-masochistic, reckless dog.

We checked out a vintage Clifford Book with accompanying audio for the car from our local library. In the words of our esteemed president, "what is our children learning?"

I get the idea that Clifford is really big, and as a result gets into a lot of hijinks. But this book add a whole new level of danger to the big red dog.

Here Clifford menaces a group of Lions and Tigers with his powerful voice.
Good Boy!

Here Clifford turns the tables on some Clowns. In addition to pelting them with their own pies, Clifford also will crush them under the weight of their cart. Nobody really likes Clowns anyway. Good Boy Clifford..

Here Clifford is replacing a sick elephant with his...um... giant bondage costume. Uh great... well Clifford we'll just leave you alone, I guess.

A central theme of Clifford books is how helpful here is. Here Emily Elizabeth has gotten herself trapped on an out of control hot air balloon. Oh well, I guess you can just wait for it to come down.... uh Clifford what are you doing with those tent poles?

Oh the Humanity! Bad Dog Clifford!

Close up. You can almost make out the looks of terror on their faces, as they realize Clifford has done them in.

It turns out that Clifford is able to catch the falling balloon safely, so no harm, no foul I guess.