Saturday, November 20, 2004

Christmas Parade

I must start by saying that I think Christmas season is too long, and it seems to get longer every year. I participate in Buy Nothing Day. I refuse to get a christmas tree until december.
But, today we went to Raleigh's Christmas parade. It was actually kind of fun. It really had a hometown sort of feel. Lots of highschool marching bands, tons of Shriner (though sadly very few little cars, they had powered tricycles, minimotorcycles, and golf carts, but only a few cars), fire trucks, local celebrities, and of course, our own Chicken Man. He painted our house last year, and has quite an impressive show with his chickens. He was rapping about himself, standing on the front of his truck with a chicken on his hat, and several other chickens carried by fellow chickeneers. It was definitely the highlight. We were both tired from standing and holding Sophie aloft so she coudl see. She was of course, more interested in the little dog near us, or the other kids, but that is fine.

So, I guess Nov 20th is the official start of the X-mas season.

Monday, November 08, 2004

One Year!

Sophie is one year old today. Wow. It went so fast. This does not bode well for how quickly will I be aging. But, wow. just wow.

We had a little party for her yesterday. Carly made a teddy bear cake (very cool) and her famous Cinncinati chili (for Frito Pie). We had balloons, a banner. A bunch of famly came over. It was the right number of people, and a good time was had for all.

Sophie lasted through the whole party! She opened her presents (including a very cool Webbles town center from Aunt Holly). She played with the ribbons, and she stuffed cake and ice cream with incredible gusto. She shoveled that cake straight into her face without a thought. She also ate iceream with her hands, and didn't seem to mind at all.

So... her first large doses of milk products, wheat, processed sugar. Well. She did pretty well.

She crashed around 7:30pm.
Then was crying hysterically around 8:30pm. Then crashed.
Then was crying hysterically around 9:30pm. Crash.
Then was crying hysterically around 10:30pm. Crash
Crying around 1:00pm.
Crying around 2:30pm.
Then slept soundly til 7pm.

Overall, not too bad.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Sophie and I have been sick for the last few days. Fun intenstinal issues. The cures are often worse than the illness. I thought I might have had it licked last night, but then I woke up...

Bush wins..
America hates gay people..
Burr wins..
Americans are either stoopid or evil. Which is better?

I feel guilty. Could I have done more? I didn't do much apart from talk to people.
I feel embarrassment. I am American, how can I face the world?
I feel sick. My body appears to hate me as much as America does. Or maybe the diarrhea is some sort of unconscious response to this election.
I feel hot. It is eighty one degrees and rising in my office, sixty degrees and falling outside. Makes its a little hard to dress appropriately.

So I actually checked the APA website for jobs in Canada today. I don't remember deciding to do that. Didn't see any openings.

Somebody cheer me up

Went home sick today...