Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time Out for You!

So the other day Will and I got haircuts. Will went to the cool kids cuts place with a slide, computers, and toys. The kids get to sit on various vehicles and stuff (car, motorcycle, horse, firetruck) and watch videos during the ordeal. If you've never cut a 3yr old's hair, you can appreciate this. Will chose the motorcycle and "Dirty Percy" (no, not porn..) a Thomas the Tank Engine video (played so many times, it was pretty fuzzy).
Later I went to where I get a cut, without Will. I go to this place that had a series of coupons, called Sports Clips or something. It was billed as a Haircut place for GUYS! With a locker room feel. Did I mention the coupons?
Anyway, when discussing the haircuts at dinner, Sophie asked Will what he watched, and of course, later what I watched. It so happened that they have ESPN on at the place, and they were showing the details of Michael Vick's sentencing.

So I mentioned briefly, that I was watching TV about Michael Vick.
"Who is Michael Vick."
"He is a man that has to go into time out (aside to Carly: for 23 months)"
"He was naughty."
"What did he do?"
"He was mean to some doggies."
"Oh. So he is in time out."

Okay, we appeared to have dodged the details. But, now every night since then, they want to hear the story of what I watched, and what Michael Vick did. Sigh. How long will this go on?

The lesson is.... they are listening to every word.


So you've done 7 of 13 reflection writings. Missed or been very late to 14 Classes, Plagiarized your Mid-Term Exam (two weeks late), then submitted a Plagiarized Final Exam that was virtually solely the text of an IMDB 'review' of a movie (two days late mind you), the only additional text was your name and class name. Pretty impressive no?
What if you respond to the accusation of plagiarism by claiming you accidentally sent the wrong paper? How did the correct class name get on it. Nevermind, send in another paper hours later.
Oh.... and plagiarize that one. The first Google link (from the first sentence no less) took me right to (a pay for essay cheat site).

I applaud your moxie.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

May his noodly appendage shower you with... cheer!