Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Speak Softly and Carry a fricken scary ass implication

I was only half paying attention to the debate last night, the other half of my attention was on my LIS papers...
But, this tired line about Obama failing diplomacy 101 by saying he would invade Pakistan (Pron. Pock-ee-stan). Initially, like Obama, I was irritated by his Rovian repetition of this falsehood stemming from his own misunderstanding. Then something struck me. A new scary reason to fear McCain.
McCain is chiding Obama for "telegraphing" his plan... his plan to invade Pakistan. What McCain would do, is just do it, not talk about it.
Let that sit for a moment. Let's examine that.
McCain, it appears isn't upset about the prospect of INVADING Pakistan, but rather, telling Pakistan that we plan to invade it. Again, not because of the international outrage, the loss of a valuable (sic) ally (sic) in the region. Not because Pakistan is a developing democracy. Not because of the danger of attacking a known nuclear power. Not the unilateral, pre-emptive use of force against a sovereign nation. All of which are good reasons to be against talk of invading/attacking Pakistan.
McCain is upset about letting them know about it.
McCain, it appears, thinks doing it is fine. Just don't warn them.

McCain also makes references to a "secret plan" he's had for years for getting Bin Laden. One he couldn't tell us, or the president all this time.

I don't like where all this is going.