Monday, April 18, 2005

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English

20% Yankee

10% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Need a Breather

Being running on steam these last few days. Not necessarily occupied with lots of specific duties, but busy nonetheless. Carly has been sick these last few days, and the kids seem to be afflicted as well. Both are exceedingly needy and whiny. Strangely, I am in reasonably good health, which is not the usual story. So I am handling the lioness's share of parental duties, and I can see why Carly is so tired when I get back from school each day. Just keeping both kids from crying hysterically simultaneously is often a chore requiring nine hands. Feeding, diapering, and clothing them is another story. And entertain? Forget it.
Meanwhile I am still sore from working out. My chest, and arms ache. Each night I try to find a position to sleep in that doesn't hurt, so far no luck. I am told this will go away at some point. For some reason I am not convinced.

Mowed the lawns today as well.
Went Grocery shopping.
And yet I stil dedicate a couple of minutes to you my beloved readers..gotta go crying baby. ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Once more into the fray

So, I went to workout again. I've done this many times, trying to get in shape. I am not great about sticking to it. But, there is always hope. It is relatively cheap at school. but there are not tons of equipment. Okay maybe tons, it is a bunch of weights and weight machines afterall, but not very many. I think it will suit me needs pretty well.
Usually the first workout is a breeze and then a couple days later I am sore as hell. Today the workout hurt about half the way through. I am still really sore. Ugh.
We shall see how well this works... I may need to slow down a little.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Movie-like absurdity

So this Sunday we are visiting the local Montessori school to try to enroll Sophie in their toddler program for the fall. I hope if they are reading this they accept this in the spirit of general social commentary and not hold it against Sophie. We need to apply for this on Sophie's behalf indicating her strengths, our talents and hobbies, and answer questions you would likely see on a college application.
I appreciate that there are a limited number of spaces, and they want to have the best students, but Sophie will be less than 2 years old when.... if.... she is admitted.
Carly and I are stressing over this which seems absurd. It reminds me of those movies or television shows where this sort of thing happens, the parents struggle to look good for the school, and everything goes wrong. So of course, we are kind of freaking out. If she doesn't get in here now, then her chances of getting into the elementary school go down, and so on. If we don' tfill out this form correctly our daughter may be forced to go to Vassar. †
Still, we both went to public schools and came out reasonably well, but then we both know what public schools now offer.
So we are doing our best trying to answer the toughest question.
"What do you hope your child to get from a Montessori education?" Any advice?
The ironiy of all this is that back when I was a childless single person in San Francisco, I made fun of my boss Philip, for stressing about his daughter getting into the 'right' kindergarten. Now I am like, could he wait so long??!!

†Okay I know I promised not to bad-mouth Vassar. Sorry, but this is my daughter we are talking about. (Gratuitous Simpsons Joke)