Friday, May 28, 2004

Been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely long time

Sorry for the absence. I've been dealing with problems over at my homepage.
My domain names expired, and since I've been just auto-updating them with my credit card I didn't realize it. Why? Let me explain.
I started and back in Grad School. Then I had a mail address. That has long expired, but I never updated it with Out of sight out of mind.
The a year ago Citibnak decided to cancel my visa and give me a mastercard. I got them to change me back, but they had to change my card number.

So the auto-charge for a number of programs (netflix, etc...) all needed the new card number. Since the domain names only come up every two years, I didn't even realize it until last week.

They sent me notes warning me, apparantly, but they were sent to the address. And I needed my login and password (stored on an older computer) to get onto the site and change my information. Of course, I could do it without my login and password... they would send me a remind to my address. Ugh

Luckily Mr Robbins at activemac saved the day, somehow he still had all that informtion, so after a few days I was back online. Hurray.

I've been a bachelor this week, Carly and Sophie are staying at the beach this week. I join them today. It has been both lonely (at night mostly) and relaxing. I wish I didn't have an 8am class, then I could've really made better use of this week by staying up late, drinking heavily doing all the sorts of things I can't do when the family is home.

Oh well. I just need to cleanup, mow the lawns, do some shopping, and such before drving the three hours to Emerald Isle.


I got a replacement wedding ring yesterday. Ironically I lost the original at Emerald Isle last year. I will attempt to avoid this, this time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Faculty Development Institute - Day 2

We had three advermercials, with zero infotainment today.
One was just depressing, because the product was actually pretty cool (a white board, projection dohickey).
Another was unbearably boring and inappropriate (an hour long Mathematica presentation)
The last was a gratingly evil sale's pitch by a woman who thought she was very funny, or cool, or something. The urge to kill was reaching the boiling point several times. Luckily (?) I was restrained by my peers on several occasions.

Let me tell you. I can't wait for the rest of the week.

Day 1 was mercifully short (shorter than expected because the Pres decided at breakfast to release the staff, without telling anyone else she was going to do this).

Comments now working, I think.

I believe the comments page is now working and you should be able to add comments below.
Let's see, shall we?

Monday, May 10, 2004

Testing one more time.

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Testing, testing...

I am trying to enable public comments to this.
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End of the Semester

So I had a couple of papers on or under my door, when I got back from the weekend.
I turned in grades on Thursday, so there is little I can do. There was one that might count so I'll need to get a grade change form for that one. Sigh.

I wish students would give me some heads up before doing this, it would make my life so much easier.

Gameday was a bust, no walkins for my game (I am not sure they ever do have walk ins), and a good thing too. I needed the time to work on Carly's Mother Day stuff. That went pretty well. I am still optimistic about running a game this summer. I just need to figure out who and when.

Quick Shout out to Kareem and Jessie who were married this weekend! Shalom!

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