Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick-or-Treating Troupe

Quite the thematic trick or treating this year. The weather was perfect, the houses were friendly, the one scary guy stayed very still and didn't frighten the children (much). Lily (a.k.a Tiger Lily) joined us, and we hooked up with some neighbors. It was fun, the whole neighborhood was out and about.

Later that night, as is custom at our house the kids picked out their 10 choices for candy to keep. the rest got put aside for the Great Pumpkin in hopes of a trade for some non-sugar coated present. Last year, the Great Pumpkin disappointed.... betrayed Sophie, by giving the kids a bowling game instead of the doll that dances when you push a button as she so clearly asked. This year we had better results. Sophie got a pretty little doll (all cloth, dark skin and hair ... no Barbies here!) Will got a Superhero dress up kit (cape, mask, power bracers). I got a ton of candy for my office and any students who come by.

I already voted.