Monday, March 30, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

So this last week Ruby has seemed to develop quickly. Her hand eye coordination is way up (pick up things, manipulating them... and not just to get them in her mouth). She is crawling upright (on hands and knees instead of army crawling). She is holding herself in a standing position (bracing on something, a chair, an ottoman, etc..) Yesterday she spent the better part of a hour standing behind the kids as they played on the computer. She just watched in fascination as they played on the "Martha Speaks" website. She is also moving really quickly from one place to another, trying her hand at stairs (mostly up, down is still a challenge).
We were watching a new movie last night (Kung Fu Panda... a little scary..and overly focused on cartoon injury... I give it a B-) and Ruby was tooling around the living room while we did. At one point she pulled herself upright and seemed quite pleased with herself. Then she got a little off balance and spun into a tight roll landing on her back on the floor. She had a big smile though, so I guess it was a good ride. She timed her acrobatics with some Kung Fu action on the screen, so it seemed quite natural.
I would not be surprised to see her start walking soon.