Monday, September 29, 2008

My cake, stay away!

Being silly over cake
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Carly with the help of the kids, made a delicious coconut and lemon cake for my birthday. Carly blew up balloons with real Helium, and the kids made those exceedingly bright posters in the background. .
I survived 41 years on that day.
You can't quite make out my Ghostbusters (or Ghost Busturds as the kids say it) T-shirt (from Will). My fancy sunglasses from Sophie not shown either.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Show me where it hurts..

UPDATE! Will slept through the night! This is huge. Not wanting to give up his cherished sick status, Will downplayed his recovery, but we can see it on his face. Huzzah!

Will, and by the transitive property of child illnesses, all of us, have been suffering for a few days now. Will started complaining about vague tummy aches Thursday. Of course, that is a pretty non-specific, and out kids are getting pretty expert at claiming such illnesses as grounds for staying up late, or getting a special night-time drink (known as Daddy Juice (aka Ricola in hot water).
But Will's aches seemed more genuine, and more pressing. We began to push for more details. One that came out was that he hadn't pooped in sometime. He was up crying and complaining for several hours. I looked up some info about constipation on the web, and came to conclusion that the traditional solutions would be too slow. Fiber is great, don't get me wrong. But we didn't have days for a cure. He was up and screaming every half hour or so. The interwebs suggested that the disimpaction was necessary. For that, suppositories are Step One.
Here is a surprising fact. Will doesn't like being administered a suppository. The first one was a bit of a surprise, so I got off easy.
When that didn't work, I took Will to the pediatrician Friday, and after a pretty quick once over, the doctor recommended we continue with those, and if that doesn't work... advance to the next step.
But one suppository (and by one I mean 1/3 of one) was not enough, the 2nd and 3rd over this loooooong weekend were not so much fun. This time, Carly was willing to do the dirty deed. With friends like these who needs enemas?
Days later, Will is showing some improvement. He is easily distracted during the day, and is sleeping a couple hours at a time at night (better, but not ideal). I set up their CD player with Thomas the Annoying Tank Engine on repeat, so when he wakes up, he can distract himself (rather than wake us). This worked reasonably well. Tonight, I administered a stimulant laxative (also on in the posterior). He was ready for it this time, and his screams were both ear piercing, and personal "Please Daddy don't do that." Unfair.
This, finally appears to have done something. So far, no complaints from him, he appears to be asleep! Let's hope this does it. Needless to day, we are still going to push liquids (pear juice), prunes, and other high fiber foods. Hopefully this will do it.